Amalfi Coast Caves: Grotta dello Smeraldo

If you are travelling and staying in an Amalfi coast villa this summer, you are probably planning to enjoy the sun, the stunning beaches, and the amazing southern Italian cuisine, but if you want to do some sightseeing in the area, we are recommending you to head for Capo Conca. Around Conca dei Marini are situated some of the less knAmalfi Coast Cavesown hidden treasures on the Amalfi coast – the caves built through the water erosion on the calcareous rocks. Among the numerous caves, one in particular – the Grotta dello Smeraldo – will fascinate you with its eerie emerald colors.

The Emerald Cave is partly submerged in the sea, and the sunlight enters indirectly through the seawater. As most of the visible spectrum is absorbed, the water in one of the corners of the cave shines a beautiful emerald – green color. Your visiting experience will be intensified by the fact that the cave does not have an opening above the waterline, so you will have to take an elevator to cave level and then board rowing boats that will take you through and around the grotto. Allow around 1.5 hours for a round visit to properly admire the impressive formations of stalagmites and stalactites, many of them situated under water.

The Grotta dello Smeraldo became more well-known back in 1956 due to an idea initiated by the Italian television in association with the Sorento Diver’s Club. They started the tradition of diving in the Emerald Cave before Christmas and placing a nativity scene made from clay figurines on the bottom of the pit. Divers are now coming here every Christmas with a procession that involves placing flowers in front of the statue of Jesus Christ, which has helped the club to get more attention and new members, as well as bringing more tourists to the cave itself. 


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