Take Your Time: the Città Slow Movement

Tuscan Villa View

In 1999, Paolo Saturnini, the past mayor of Greve in Chianti, had the intuition that a change in the manner in which people approach life, and especially urban life, is needed. Instead of promoting globalisation, corporisation and standardisation, the movement which was to become known as CittaSlow puts the emphasis on local assets and specialities. The ideal is for the entire community to channel their efforts towards restoring or preserving the town, with people still being the main protagonists of the slow and healthy change of seasons, the local traditions and the towns’ peaceful and quite living.

The attraction of this almost philosophical way of life, rich in authenticity and local customs, has been felt all across the globe. Although the longest list of participating towns is still Italy’s, there are now countries belonging to 4 different continents that have accepted the CittaSlow values, with the UK represented by Aylsham, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Diss, Mold and Perth.

If you want to experience the CittaSlow way of life, there is no better place to start in than Italy. Browse through the list of towns, pick one, and then travel to experience locally the richness of crafts, the squares, shops, cafés, restaurants, places of the spirit and unspoiled landscapes. Our villas in Italy are spread all across the CittaSlow network – from Tuscany to Sicily – where the air speaks of a recovered time and little treasures are but steps away. And when you come back, let us know in the comments what you have discovered.

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