Italian Cuisine – Not Just Pizza and Pasta

Although it’s understandable that pizza, pasta or lasagna come first to mind when it comes to Italian cuisine, there is much more to be said to the subject. In Italy, the best food is considered to be homemade
Italian Seafoodby a mamma and it usually happens that people prefer to go home during their lunch break and enjoy a home-cooked meal instead of settling for a packed or canteen lunch. You might also be surprised when travelling to Italy by the size of the portions – they are smaller than what you would expect, but miraculously you will feel full after a meal. This might also have to do with the number of dishes you will be served – you will get antipasti, maybe a soup, a main meal and a dessert. Keep in mind that an Italian meal is like a symphony in the manner and order each dish is put forward, in the way the flavours follow and complement each other and in the overall experience that your taste buds will undergo.

Two features of Italian food go into explaining why it has rItalian Food Displayeached a probably unmatched level of appreciation all around the globe. The first relates to the quality of ingredients, of the production process and, not in the least, of display. There is an art going into the processing of the simple ingredients that make up an Italian dish and in the way it is laid on the table and plates, with sprinkles of basil, thin lines of olive oil, cherry tomatoes or dollops of mozzarella. The second feature of Italian cuisine, despite its sheer diversity, is simplicity. Made with good quality ingredients, the food often lets them speak for themselves. The famous bruschettas are nothing more than bread seasoned with garlic, olive oil and tomatoes. The traditional southern Italian caprese salad, again, contains only mozzarella, basil, oregano and tomatoes.

To be fair, there is no such thing as the Italian cuisine, for one can travel all over Italy Italian Food Plate and not experience the same taste twice. Curiosity will lead you to discover that different type of pasta are used in different regions, that pecorino doesn’t taste the same in Rome as in Sardinia, or that balsamic vinegar is less used outside Emilia-Romagna.

We want to discover together with you this amazing variety and the surprises that Italian cuisine presents. We’ll lure you in with recipes, tips and suggestions on how to choose ingredients, wine and desserts. And if you feel inspired, come and learn how to cook in Italy itself. We have some of the most beautiful properties that now offer Italian cooking holidays – in the comfort of your own holiday home.

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