Getting married in Italy: how to ensure a sunny day!

Basta che non piova con l’aiuto delle uova!*


Of all Italian traditions we would be unable to choose a favourite. But there are definitely some that are more curious than others! And seeing as we recently talked to you about getting married in Italy and how Cottages to Castles can help you plan your dream wedding in the most romantic country in the world, today we will talk about a very funny tradition that we have seen only in Italy and Spain: bringing eggs to the Clarissa nuns in order to get good weather on your wedding day.

Let’s face it, no bride wants a rainy wedding day (another good reason to get married in Italy) even if it is considered good luck in some cultures: the Hindu tradition considers it a sign of a strong marriage, as a wet knot is more difficult to untie, and it is also considered a symbol of fortune, abundance and fertility. But still… all brides want sunny pictures and not muddy trains. Now there’s a solution… bring eggs to the nuns!

For your request to work, you must take to the Clarissa nuns 13 eggs (not a dozen, funnily enough, and nobody seems to know the reason behind this number) that the nuns will use to make sweets that are then sold to tourists and shops. If ever you drive or walk past any of these convents, we strongly recommend stopping to buy some mouth-watering sweets, not only because they are delicious, but because you must make your purchase without ever seeing the person who is selling to you (as Clarissa nuns are cloistered) and it feels like your goods magically appear on the lazy susan used to exchange money and goods.

Remember nothing can be done about Mother Nature, though, and, as they say in Italian “sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata!” (a wet bride is a lucky bride). So buy the umbrellas…just in case!


*(Provided that it doesn’t rain with the eggs’ help!)

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