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Hidden Corners of Italy: Gambassi Terme

If your image of Tuscany includes gently rolling hills, bedecked with Cypress trees or vineyards, or perhaps a table laden withImage of Tuscanyfresh Tuscan food and wine, then you’d be right. So, one of the best ways to see Tuscany is from a hillside. The town of Gambassi Terme in the province of Florence is 350 metres above sea-level, so affords a stunning view of the region, making the area particularly attractive to visitors with an interest in history, art or arc hitecture. Its glass production industry dates back to mediaeval times and stained-glass windows created by one of Gambassi Terme’s famous local artisans during the 13th century can still be seen in Florence Cathedral.

Impressive examples of architecture from the 13th to the 18th centuries and a museum of local antiquities from the Etruscan and Ancient Roman civilisations are interspersed with comfortable modern villas and a range of food establishments serving fresh local delicacies.

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