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The Monteriggioni Medieval Festival – Travel into Tuscany’s Past

If you are lucky to be visiting Tuscany in the beginning of July, add another bullet point on your ‘Reasons to be Happy’ list. Tuscany Medieval FestivalBetween the 5th and 14th of July, Monteriggioni in Tuscany is hosting its annual medieval festival across two weekends, whirling you around in a carousel of time-travel experiences, art and music. The Middle Ages have left a prominent mark on Tuscany, visible still along the ancient pilgrim paths, in the stones of the Romanesque churches or in the overall architecture of villages. As such, your imagination will not have to struggle much – you will be swiftly transported into the past and the poems readings, the processions, the medieval public ‘healings’, the music concerts and stage plays will all inspire you to join in the celebrations.

The festival will offer something for everyone: children will be invited to try their hand at old medieval games, theater lovers will enjoy the numerous improvised plays set to take place all around the village, tourists will find endless reasons to rejoice along the castle streets, where the medieval market will be based, and arts-and-crafts enthusiasts will be delighted at the sight of the blacksmiths’, artisans’ and pottItalian Medieval Marketers’ booths. To top this all up, numerous inns and benches will be placed around the castle, where guests will taste and savor all the local cuisine specialties accompanied by fine wine. Oh, and don’t forget – if something in the medieval market just needs to come along with you back home, you will need to visit the official exchange office and buy some “Grossi”, the ancient currency of the Republic of Siena – no modern day currency will be accepted during the festival. And with the sort of punishments endorsed in the Middle Ages, we wouldn’t advise you to break any rules :).

Getting there: Monteriggioni is located in the middle of a nexus of villages where many of our villas are located. It should not take you more than 1 hour and a half by car or public transport to get to Monteriggioni from any location in the Province of Siena.


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