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Italian olive oil production and properties

Did you know that olive oil has been used as a skincare remedy for centuries? Egyptians used it as a cleanser mixing it with beeswax, and even Pharaohs used it as a moisturiser agent. In ancient Greece it was used with massage to prevent and relieve sport injuries. Nowadays and after many years of research, we know that olive oil has indeed not only positive properties for our skin (antioxidant, calming, moisturiser) but also some fantastic properties for the rest of our body.

Olive oil has many beneficial properties for your health: it has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, such as lower blood cholesterol levels and the improvement of the circulatory system. When used in replacement of saturated fats, it can reduce the risk of heart disease and contains vitamin E and oleuropein (a chemical that might affect the oxidation of LDL particles). Preliminary studies even show that the consumption of olive oil could potentially lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, peptic ulcer or gastric cancer.

From Cottages to Castles, we are fascinated by this liquid gold that not only tastes fantastic but provides so much goodness for our bodies. For this reason, we are now offering visits to and stays in Agriturismi properties that offer you not only the chance of witnessing the awe-inspiring process of Italian olive oil production but also give you the chance to learn more about its properties and nuances. You can even book a tasting session!

Find out more about how to visit our Agriturismi and learn about Italian olive oil!

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