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Review: Roman Holiday (1953) or the Magic of the Eternal City

Vespa Scooter

Slender as Audrey Hepburn’s figure, this movie’s plot is nevertheless magical. It speaks of Princess Anne who, in tour of Europe, slips away from her chaperons and goes on the lam where else (?) but in the Eternal City. Of course, as in any rendition of the classical Cinderella story, there is also a Roman Holiday Reviewhandsome man, played by Gregory Peck, who falls in love with the person behind the royal facade. The commoner – royalty struggle finally comes to fore  when the Princess is faced with the most difficult choice in her life.

Despite being in black and white, one can catch magnificent glimpses of Rome on the screen and the exuberant and always transforming Audrey Hepburn perfectly matches the city’s pace of life. After all, it is a movie that made half of the world to feel enraptured with her (the Oscar speaks for itself) and the other half wanting to run away and buy a Vespa scooter. An utter feast to the eye and a cinematographic gem, you should definitely put Roman Holiday on your list of “must-sees” before you visit Italy.

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