Visit Naples: The Capodimonte Royal Palace

This palace was built during the XVIII century by Carlo di Borbone. Its impressive construction manages to dominate the landscape on the Gulf of Naples. During its history, it has been used both as a residence for royals and as a museum.

Capodimonte Royal Palace

*Image: Wikipedia

In the woods of the Palace and game reserve can be found more than 4,000 varieties of age-old trees, and some of the buildings were set aside for court life (The Casina della Regina, and The Palazzina dei Principi). Various religious celebrations take place in the Church of San Gennaro, and the Capuchins Retreat, and agricultural and animal husbandry activities go on in the pheasants’ aviary, the ‘Cellaio’ barn and the cowshed. Also at this stunning location is the Parco Della Statuaria, consisting of fountains, boulevards and small villas.

During the rich history of the palace, many European intellectuals have stayed there; Winckelmann, Angelika Kauffmann, Canova, Fragonard, Goethe and Hackert, to name but a few.

Well worth a visit next time you visit Naples or its surrounding area!

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